About me

My design style:

User experience is always at the core of my designs. My workflow is highly iterative, and I build my projects using a minimum viable product method. I playtest my projects constantly, tracking metrics to gather objective data on the progress of my designs. For me, a mechanic isn’t finished when it’s functional, it always needs to reinforce the experience I am trying to create for the user.

Character controllers are one of my favourite things to design and I love exploring how they can be used to create a visceral connection between the player’s inputs and what’s happening on-screen and empower the player.

I’m always looking outside of the games industry for inspiration, either to find solutions to design challenges that other fields have already solved, or to capture experiences from real life.

Game design topics of interest:

+ Speedrunning, challenge runs, and player-imposed rules
+ Approachability for casual / non-gamers
+ Game theory and theory-crafting
+ Character controllers
+ Game-Feel